• We have a lift off

    From 31 March until 30 June we run four pilot modules of our IC Clear course.

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  • IC Clear | Clarity2014
    Learning to be clear

    IC Clear is proud to announce its joint IC Clear / Clarity Conference in November 2014 in Belgium. Clarity is a worldwide group of lawyers and citizens who advocate using plain language in place of legalese. We also have the support of the European Commission’s Clear Writing Campaign.

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  • Welcome to IC Clear

    IC Clear is developing an international postgraduate course in clear communication to respond to the increase in demand for clear, easy-to-understand information and the lack of well-trained clear communication professionals.

  • Advisory Group

    The IC Clear advisory group is made up of experts external to the consortium who will provide feedback and guidance on the direction of the course.

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IC Clear is developing an international postgraduate course in clear communication.

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With partners from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Estonia and Portugal and the Netherlands IC Clear is a truly international enterprise.

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